Commitment to God's Purpose

posted Aug 4, 2012, 2:25 AM by Dr Rex al Opusunju   [ updated Aug 4, 2012, 2:32 AM ]

You will never be on familiar terms with pleasure, tranquility and fulfillment until you find out God’s purpose for your life and make it your dedication.

You could Live and Die without realizing the plan of God for your life! You need to seek out God for yourself and He will give you an idea about his plans; he will not talk to you until you make up your mind to inquire about it; Immediately you make up your mind and start SEEKING HIM, it won’t be so long, God will come and MANIFEST himself to you. He will REVEAL his purpose to you. Glory to God

It is your responsibility to COMMIT yourself to God’s purpose once you find out what it is. As you COMMIT yourself to the purpose of God and EARNESTLY make it your life PURSUIT, you will begin to EXPERIENCE heaven’s blessings in its FULLNESS for yourself. Life will be full of serenity, satisfaction, pleasure and fulfillment Glory to God!

God will not achieve much on earth except we are sold-out to his PURPOSE. The purpose of God is ABORTED many times when there is no dedication to bring it to pass.

FAITH will not work without dedication.

Dedication is the foremost precondition in bringing the plan of God to completion in our lives.


Dedication to the plan of God is a great need in the church today. The reason is because we have not placed much emphasis on teaching commitment in our pulpits.

Faith comes by hearing and HEARING the word of God
(ROMANS 10:17).

We will eventually turn out to be PRODUCTS OF WHAT WE HEAR.

Repetition of God’s Word gives us the capacity to learn. This is SPIRITUAL LAW. Glory to God!

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