Hands,rocks, barks, leaves, smooth sticks or tissue papers ?

posted Jun 19, 2012, 12:05 PM by Dr Rex al Opusunju

I believe that most primitives used their left hands as wipes and then washed them  afterwards.

They also used a combination of various barks or leaves as wipes.


In some societies its an insult to touch someone with which ever hand was traditionally used for wiping.


In Africa for instance, the left hand was traditionally used for wiping and if you shake or greet someone with the left hand, it was considered an insult.


I've heard that  dry corn cobs was popularly preferred and used by the primitives in north America before the advent of toilet paper.


Dry corn cobs is used in certain primitive localities in africa even to this present day.

The toilet paper is an improvement to these out-dated primitive methods of wiping.


I believe its a  lot more pleasant to use than the left hand, rocks, smooth sticks, leaves or barks!.


In today's world, with the advent of tissue papers, rarely will you find people nowadays whose preferences is the out-dated primitive methods of wiping.


If I have to make a choice on anything, I will go for an improved version of everything instead of clinging to the old and out-dated!


The Church in  the 21st century is still clinging to certain primitive and out-dated methods in its out-reaches and follow-ups, witnessing and evangelism, teaching and dicipleship trainings, accounting and book keeping and have refused to embrace the use of technology which is more productive


Now is the time for us to make a shift!


We can do things differently and get better results. 

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